Reef conservation (part 1 the arrival to Bali.

I spent two weeks at a north Bali reef conservation camp. This is my view not that of anyone else. From the beginning I arrived in Bali after a Long Long flight from Dallas Tx. My first 14 days there was Great to say the least my husband and I stayed at the Ritz Carrollton Bali (by far the best Ritz we have ever stayed at the staff there is amazing) and the Property is Beautiful. It took a good 3 days to balance out from the jet lag but after that we were out and about. The people in Bali, I have to say were very nice even if some didn’t speak English they tried and you could tell they really wanted to be friendly.

Our Trip to the Monkey forest. Amazing to see the animals there on their own free will was awesome. No one was forcing them they were running wild and could go and come as they please and yet they still had the care providers that they needed. ( why cant we do this for Sea Life??) ( Dauphins ?) anyways

First sail of spring 

so this is how it starts ! Living near Dallas Texas you learn that when the weather gets cold it’s time to start doing repairs on the sail boat ( there won’t be a long window to do them). So my current situation is that I was fixing up my Catalina 30 few lines some washing jib sail repair this year was easy ! Late one afternoon talking with friend in the a marina ! He states that the guy in the end slip wants to get rid of his J24 cruiser and only wants 1,000$ for it ( in my head I’m thinking this boat is going to a wreck and needs to be parted out !!! To my surprise it was just recited last summer new sails lines, and keel painted (( what’s the catch )) long story short his getting a divorce and refuses to let his wife ex wife have it !! 

So after the purchase I thought let’s take it out for nice long spin around the lake ( after all I had only sailed it about 20 min before I purchased it !!!!!  Not having sailed with the tiller in hand in quite some time my heart sunk with joy at how responsive these J24 can be it was like falling I love with sailing all over again 

Finishing up my degree 

I guess some might say I’m a late bloomer I didn’t start college till I was 32, don’t get me wrong before that I had worked for the same company for 10 years and loved it ! Still not sure what happened to make turn in my notice and do something different. After all , I loved the company loved the people and really enjoyed what I did everyday and some really good money doing it !! 

So now I’m coming to the end of my degree which I started 4 years ago ! I have to ask myself is this really what I want to with my life here at 37 years old? Was this a total waste of my time and money? Or is it fear of starting from scratch? 

Either way I know that everything will be fine I always find a way to make the best out of each situation! But it still doesn’t shake the feeling of uncertainty,