Animals in mind

Growing up in the south (Alabama ) I was always told that animals were there for the soul purpose of food. I often wondered about their feelings and how they must feel when loaded onto the truck that they have seen come and go never to return any fellow animals. ” my dad assured me that animals never felt a thing !!
Now that I’m 36 I’m shocked to find out about the way animals are treated for the soul purpose of food for example pigs are kept in cages so small they can never stand turn or hardly move their head ! Cows are transported in a way that so compacted not allowed to move for upward of 36 hours . And in the cold and heat if they freeze to the sides of the truck they cut with knifes and prayed with crow bars if they can’t walk chains are driven through their legs and they are drug to their death
Those are just a few you take a moment to watch videos on how livestock for mass production is done
I have always been a serious meat eater till now

No more! I can’t even walk past the meat counter at the grocery store with out those images going through my head “it’s heart breaking”

Ps if you do eat meat make sure you research where your meat comes from and how we treat them

We treat our prisoners better than we treat our animals that nourish us


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