Vegan/vegetarian the struggle

This is the completion of week two for me on being a vegetarian. I never really understood the concept and how people could simple just give up something that we as children are taught is good for us! But on the flip side I don’t understand how as young adults could have turned a closed eye on how animals are treated, especially those of us who grew up on a farm!
I have learned in my two weeks that it’s not hard at all I feel that it is just a matter of opening up your mind when you walk by your local meat counter and understand what those animals went through !! There are other options I have found vegan based no meat plant based meat is a very good alternative !
I have also discovered that it is not such a leap from vegetarian to vegan in the middle of week two I discovered my fridge was completely loaded with only vegan products and I never missed anything

Life is good on this side and if it is only one animal I saved today by not eating meat it is a win win for us both

Loving the new vegan/vegetarian life

PS eating out is an is the new challenge


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